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What You Have to Know About Alligator Hunting Tours

The American alligator is the hugest reptile in North America. Louisiana has the utmost population of alligators in the US. The creatures reside mainly in the coastal marshes of Louisiana, living on small fish, birds, frogs, beavers, crawfish, snakes, and even deer. The federal government banned the hunting of alligators from 1962-1971 when these creatures were put on the list of endangered species because of overhunting. Hunting was slowly reopened and is allowed now under specific guidelines. If you are interested in alligator hunting tours, you need to read more on this page to know what is expected of you.

The first thing we will consider is the hunting season. If you wish to try hunting alligators, you can do so within a limited season. Alligator hunting is allowed exclusively in September. The Department of Wildlife and Fisheries does set the days which may differ slightly from one year to another. Many guides carry out hunting tours during the first half of September. During this season, hunters harvest about 28,000-35,000 alligators.

Another thing you should know is about guides. Hunting is allowed only with an authorized alligator guide. To become a guide, a person is needed to either lease or own land categorized as a wetland habitation. The Department of Wildlife and Fisheries in Louisiana gives hunting tags to property possessors who have an alligator habitat that’s able to sustain an alligator harvest. The guides are then authorized to hunt alligators as well as take authorized hunters on the tours.

Next, we will look at licensing. To go for hunting tours in Louisiana, you have to be in the company of a guide who carries a current alligator tag. Additionally, you are supposed to buy a spot hunter permit. Nonresidents are permitted to acquire a permit but at a higher price. As of publication, people whose birthdays are on or after 1st September 1969 are needed to undertake a hunter education course.

We are going to also look at is hunting. Alligator guides have the right of entry to the most excellent alligator habitats and supervise the area the whole year. These guides take their tourists to the best areas where they find and hunt alligators. Guides work to aid you to obtain a ‘trophy’ alligator which is 8 feet long at minimum. You can accompany these guides to the bait lines as well as participate in every aspect of the hunt. Every alligator you harvest ought to be labeled with harvest tags. Taxidermy and processing of alligators aren’t incorporated in the price of many tours but it is an alternative.

Last but not least, we draw our attention towards trips. Alligator hunting tours are available without or with overnight lodging. It is a matter of preference and you need to decide what works the best for you. Check if the taxidermy and tanning services are included in the amount charged for the trip. Also, consider if the trip encourages observers or it is for hunters only. Moreover, know what is needed for you to obtain skins, meat, and mounts of your trophy.

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