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How to Pick a Stomach Pillow

When you go out to purchase a new stomach pillow, you don’t just look for the highest-rated products. A pillow can receive all the wonderful reviews than any other, but that doesn’t immediately mean it will be right for your needs. What if all that feedback came from people who aren’t even front sleepers to begin with? Either way, what they say would have no value to a stomach sleeper like you.

The following are tips you should actually keep in mind as you check out your options:

Thin Is It

It all boils down to human anatomy. Lying on your tummy means pushing your head up into your hair at an awkward inclination – you can’t help that. For most people, this will make it really tough to fall asleep. And, if you do manage to get some sleep, you will probably wake up with a bad neck ache. So do yourself a favor by buying a flat pillow, which will more likely be a great firm pillow too.

Getting Warm

It is easy to get a bit warm when you’re lying on your stomach. If that is a problem for you, buy a pillow that provides some kind of cooling effect in the cover or in the material used for the fill. There are so many pillows on the market these days that help you stay cool as you sleep, so it’s definitely worth checking out these options if you’re having issues with temperature.


This is hardly a performance element, but it is crucial nevertheless. Prior to shopping for a stomach pillow, set a budget beforehand. Pillows specially crafted for front sleepers tend to be expensive, so that’s not a surprise you’ll be happy with when a certain product has captured your fancy. Definitely, you should invest in a high-quality pillow that you can benefit from every night, but that investment still has to fall within your means. After all, you can only purchase what you have the means to pay for. But you shouldn’t be skimping either – just get the best choice that your means will allow you.

Where It All Comes Down To

Bottom line, if you’re a stomach sleeper, the right stomach pillow can assure you of many long and restful nights of sleep. If you buy any product that’s is not particularly made for this purpose, your spine alignment and neck can suffer, even leading to a serious medical complication. Just by doing a little research, you can discover more about the various products available, helping you make a smart choice of a stomach pillow. More options means more chances of finding the best one for you.

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