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Top Pet Choices for Single Living in San Francisco Apartments
Pets are great company. Having a pet around can help lower stress levels, anxiety, and blood pressure. Pets have even been very helpful in improving the immune systems of their owners and bring about happiness. The feeling one gets when greeted by a pet at the door after a hard day at work rather than an empty apartment is terrific. A lot of apartment complexes in San Francisco are opposed to pets and finding one that does can be hard work. Some may accept to have a certain type but most will utterly refuse to take you up if you own a pet. Learn of some of the top pet choices for single living in San Francisco apartments in this article.
A dog is one such pet. Dogs are not too inflexible and fit in perfectly at an apartment in San Francisco. Dogs are indeed a lot of fun to have around and are not all that messy. You need to contact your landlord to see which breeds are acceptable in the apartment complex first though. It is important to do this so that you don’t get one that will bark all the time disturbing other tenants. Find out more about dog breeds and how to care for them from this article.
Another pet type that is best is a bunny. They are very low maintenance, can be easily trained to use a litter box, and are very social. They can roam about the apartment for exercise and rest in a large cage. Learn more about this from this article.
Kittens and cats are also great options for apartment life. They are a lot of fun and very independent. Work on getting them a play area where they can scratch and climb to avoid having your whole apartment torn up. It is also important have screens installed on your apartment windows. Find out more on cat care on this article.
Could you be more interested in an exotic pet? A hedgehog is right up that exotic alley. They have great hunting instincts for bugs and ants and they are also quite adorable. This can also be a good option. Check out this article for more about this.
The above are some of the most popular pet picks that can fit in well with apartment life. Of course you need to check your finances as well as taking care of pets will cost you. They also need attention and love so allocate time to spend with them everyday. So take your pets for walks in the park and allocate play time as well.