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OTT Analytic Benefits and its Basics

Before we discuss about OTT advertising, it is important to first know what OTT is for. OTT or Over-the-Top television/media, which actually is considered to be an online streaming option for movie and television content without any need for a traditional TV contract. Such services could be accessed through your computer, tablet, smartphone or smart TV.

Using the Smart TV

Based on the Video Advertising Bureau Reports, there’s more than 70% of users online who use the OTT service for at least once per month. Such services actually still continue to grow in both the overall users as well as the frequency on its use. It was also estimated that when the year 2022 comes, more than 190 million users of OTT is going to be there every month.

Though there are some OTT service which are paid and does not come with ads, there are still some that contains ads in order to support the service either with a paid or not membership. These kind of ads however are not being purchased or sold like those with the traditional TV advertising. It actually resembles more like digital video advertising.

There are different benefits which you could get from an OTT advertising. Some of it are as follows:

Reach is Farther

OTT before was not able to boast that having a larger reach is in fact a strength to get a good platform. This however has grown fast through the years and is capable of reaching a much larger audience. OTT now comes with a larger reach than other platforms.

Stronger Targeting

Another benefit that can be obtained from OTT would be targeting. Businesses can choose their geographic location, demographics as well as topics that they have to advertise on. A targeting like this is not possible on traditional TV advertising and can actually help reach the right kind of audience. It will also help in reducing the possible waste advertising resources and increase the efficiency of advertising.

Best Analytics for Advertising

A lot of the OTT platforms actually offer analytics on advertising. This includes impression as well as view data. There are in fact some platforms which can offer different types of data and this could segment the data through targeting or placement.

Flexible Budgeting Option

The ability to track and target views will allow flexible budgeting. There are in fact fewer impressions that can be bought for a specific target audience to increase the efficiency and to also minimize the expense.

We now live in a world where there’s huge technological shifts and many consumers in fact have now adopted the online video consumption.

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