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EDC – Everything That You Need To Know In One Article

If you want to enjoy the electric sky, here is a guide that will show you how EDC works and make your weekend as magical as it can be.

It is vital to arrive a day early than the expected day of the extension.

There are about three days to EDC which means you have each day is influenced by a music type. Make sure you pick a day that has the most DJs playing because this will make the whole experience a lot more fun for you; the more music, the more time to party. The best way to enjoy EDC is to grab good food, thirst quenching drinks, and go on a good ride.

If you have devices with you, make sure you have your own portable chargers because you might not get the chance to find an outlet.

If you are someone who loves using your phone or devices then you better bring a portable charger or charging case with you. Your phone is going to die out soon for sure with all the pictures and videos you are taking. In case of emergency, it would be best to have some juice left on that phone of yours because how else are you going to contact your friends or family? Just in case of emergencies, you have to have your own portable charger so that you can keep on charging and take videos and photos without worrying about the battery dying. You are perfectly allowed to bring a portable charger into the festival premises. If you want to know more festival essentials, make sure to read the article below so that you can survive the EDC this year and keep on partying.

You need to have a good ride for this one.
Parking is one of the major problems that you will encounter when you go to EDC. Did you know that in EDC parking, you will be paying around thirty dollars a day? You will be paying fifty dollars a day if you go for premier parking, If you want to save on transportation and parking, make sure to book a room at a hotel that is near the venue so that you can just walk there.

If you want to stay energetic, make sure you stay hydrated.
It is important to keep drinking water so that you are hydrated; getting dehydrated at a festival is going to affect your energy which will eventually lead to a bad experience.

The people managing EDC understands how important water is and how it is for hydrating bodies; this is why they give free clean drinkable water to the rave community. You don’t have to worry about carrying a water bottle as you dance your heart away because using a CamelBak hydration pack will come in handy. This is how you should prepare for EDC this year.

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